Back in November 2018, three-fourths of Green Bay voters supported marijuana legalization.

With that in mind, the Green Bay City Council voted to lower the maximum fine for marijuana possession from $1,000 to $500. It passed 9-2, and anyone found in possession of 28 grams or less could be subject to the fine.

Originally, proponents of lowering the fine wanted to reduce it to just $250 if a private resident was found in possession of cannabis, but it was decided it would be a $500 fine for both public and private possession.

In 2017, 363 possession citations were issued. As of September 2018, the number was 336.

While this may seem insignificant, decriminalization and lowering fines on cannabis is a huge first step in marijuana legalization

When Can Green Bay Expect Marijuana Legalization? 

According to Forbes, Wisconsin is one of the “cannabis moves to watch.” 

Gov. Tony Evers wants to decriminalize marijuana and allow medical cannabis to be sold. He also supports the voters of his state deciding whether they want to fully legalize all marijuana use. 

Most likely, medical marijuana will be legalized before recreational marijuana is legalized in Wisconsin. 

That means Green Bay voters could see medical cannabis legalization on their ballots in 2020, and recreational cannabis legalization could follow in the next voting cycle.

Of course, with Michigan legalizing marijuana and Minnesota pushing for legalization, Wisconsin officials may want to keep up with their neighbors and put full legalization to a vote as soon as possible. . 

When full legalization in Michigan is up and running, it could contribute $135 million in tax revenue annually, according to the Detroit Free Press. Some of that money will go towards improving roads and schools. 

As the battle for cannabis legalization unfolds in Green Bay, we will continually update Cannabisconsin readers with the latest news. 

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